Injection-moulding technology

We process practically all thermoplastics, and have particular expertise in the use of heat-resistant plastics such as PPSU and PEEK and fibre-reinforced materials in connection with tool technology and production processes.

Production processes validated according to ISO EN 13485 are also used for medical devices.

We stock our own moulds, thereby ensuring high delivery capacity at the best possible quality.

Multi-component injection moulding

Highly complex plastic parts are manufactured using four 2K injection-moulding facilities with clamping forces of 110 to 200 tons.

Multi-component injection-moulding technology facilitates the manufacture of cost-optimised, multi-functional components.

Material combination of plastics with various properties makes it possible to meet a wide range of functional requirements within a single component, such as integrated seals with hard-soft combinations or specially reinforced parts with overmoulding with fibre-reinforced plastics. The integration of functions and the elimination of subsequent, separate assembly stages involving several individual parts result in cost-efficient finished products.