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On the way to new horizons

In a constantly changing world, we see changes not only as a necessity but also as an opportunity for our company to reinvent itself.

Over the past year, we have worked diligently on our vision and strategy to ensure that we not only meet current requirements but also prepare ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow. These efforts have now borne fruit and materialized in our 2026 transformation project, which offers us the opportunity to explore innovative paths and discover new horizons.

The "AKCHUN" transformation project is the next step in our journey at Novoplast. It stands for "Expansion of Competence Centers in Switzerland and Hungary" and combines the central aspects of our new strategy. It is a project that reflects our ambitions and supports us in achieving our corporate goals.

The path of transformation

"AKCHUN" aims not only to change our company but also to strengthen it. We aim to grow by relocating injection molding to Hungary and expanding our production capacities in extrusion in Switzerland. At the same time, we care deeply about the satisfaction of our employees, which is why we are improving their working conditions and creating career opportunities that meet tomorrow's requirements. Another important focus is promoting innovation in all areas of our company, whether through the use of cutting-edge technologies, process optimization, or implementing sustainable management practices.

Looking ahead

The year 2024 will be characterized by intensive planning and implementation of various measures, which we have divided into four major subprojects:

1. Relocation of injection molding to Hungary:

The goal is to transfer tools and equipment to Hungary to optimize our cost structure.

2. Establishment of the Innovation Lab:

In Wallbach, we are establishing a state-of-the-art development laboratory for extrusion tool design, aiming to sustainably ensure the highest quality standards. Our goal is to not only offer faster delivery times but also to create a streamlined process that allows our customers to collaborate with us easily and effortlessly.

3. Implementation of the sales strategy:

This includes targeted sales and marketing activities to strengthen our market presence for both technologies separately.

4. Reorganization in Hungary:

We will expand our facilities and workforce in Hungary to optimize and advance production in the injection molding sector for today and tomorrow.

A journey of growth

Exciting opportunities and possibilities lie ahead of us. It is our vision that drives us, inspires us, and reminds us why we are on this path. Understanding our goal is as crucial as the journey itself.

We firmly believe that as a team, we can achieve our goals together. With unity, determination, and unwavering faith in our capabilities, we will overcome every challenge and surpass every obstacle.

This journey is not just about change; it is a journey of growth and renewal. We look forward to the opportunities ahead and anticipate the adventures and successes we will experience together.

May this adventure make us stronger, inspire us, and push us to give our best. Because at the end of the day, we will not only have reached our goal but also experienced a journey full of memories, experiences, and proud moments.



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