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Innovation molded into one.

High-performance plastics for medical technology, sanitary technology, industry, and more.

Injection molding machines




Active injection molds

50k - 


Mio m

Number of units per year



-1 Mio

Clamping force





Processing of high-performance plastics

We process virtually all thermoplastic materials. Specifically, we have extensive expertise in tooling technology and manufacturing processes for high-temperature resistant plastics such as PPSU or PVDF, as well as for fiber-reinforced materials. For medical devices, we implement validated manufacturing processes according to ISO EN 13485 as required.

Our certifications →

Multi-component injection molding technology for complex plastic parts

We manufacture highly complex plastic parts using four 2K injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 110 tons to 220 tons. The use of multi-component injection molding technology allows for cost-optimized and function-integrated plastic components. For instance, we produce parts with an inner PPSU component and an outer shell made of glass fiber-reinforced PA.

By combining plastics with different properties, we can meet various functional requirements within a single component. Examples include hard-soft combinations or specially reinforced parts with overmolding of fiber-reinforced plastics. Integrating functions and eliminating downstream assembly steps for multiple parts results in a cost-effective end product.

Our diversity of customers

Our customers represent a spectrum of industries with diverse needs. What unites them is their pursuit of excellence and quality.

In-house maintenance for injection molding tools

We have the capacity and expertise to perform repairs and regular maintenance of tools expertly and efficiently in-house.

Other Services →

Takeover of injection

molding tools

We take over existing injection molds and ensure seamless and straightforward supply of your components!



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