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Your idea.
Our mission.

High-quality plastic profiles and plastic parts tailored to your needs, with additional services such as assembly, packaging, warehouse logistics, and much more.

In the best hands with us

If you're looking for more than just expertise in product realization from a production company, you've come to the right place. We offer a full range of services, from planning and coordinating a project to realization and industrialization – all in one place. Our approach is all about flexibility because we know every customer has unique needs.

You get to choose which of our services you want to use. Whether you need help just with planning, want full project realization, or need our expertise during the development phase – it's all up to you. Our services are designed to be flexible, so you get exactly the support you need for your project.


Prototyping and development

Our engineers and project managers work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your idea. We use the latest software and benefit from the concentrated expertise of our team.

Our team of experts supports you creatively and responsibly in the development of your plastic solution. In the " Inno Lab " we create initial 3D printed mock-ups and carry out mold flow simulations to test the feasibility and efficiency of your idea.


The right plastic for every profile

Novoplast brings extensive experience in processing plastics into profiles and seals with diverse properties. Our innovative solutions create profiles with unique added value and efficiently reduce costs by using alternative materials. Whether weather-resistant seals, transparent profiles, or high creep resistance - we understand the optimal materials for your requirements and provide tailored solutions.

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Prototyping and Development

Our engineers and project managers collaborate closely with you to develop customized solutions for your ideas. We utilize state-of-the-art software and benefit from the combined expertise of our team.

Our expert team creatively and responsibly supports you in developing your plastic solution. In our Innovation Lab, we create initial 3D-printed mock-ups and conduct mold flow simulations to assess the feasibility and efficiency of your concept.

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Extrusion technology

Auf acht Extrusionslinien produzieren wir technische Profile, Coextrusionsprofile (Profile aus zwei Materialien), Rohre und Schläuche. Wir verarbeiten eine breite Palette an thermoplastischen Kunststoffen. Hierzu gehören auch technische Kunststoffe und faserverstärkte Materialien.

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Extrusion technology

We operate eight extrusion lines to produce technical profiles, co-extruded profiles (profiles made from two materials), and damping profiles. We process a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including technical plastics and fiber-reinforced materials.


The right plastic for every profile

Novoplast offers extensive experience in processing plastics into parts and profiles with diverse properties. Our innovative solutions generate products with unique added value and efficiently reduce costs through the use of alternative materials.

Whether it's weather-resistant seals or transparent parts, we understand the optimal materials for your requirements and provide customized solutions.

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Injection molding technology

The most cost-effective manufacturing process for large-scale production of plastic parts.
In our two plants in Switzerland and Hungary, we produce highly precise plastic parts on over 30 modern injection molding machines. These machines range in clamping force from 10 to 650 tonnes, allowing us to manufacture parts weighing from 5 grams to 3 kilograms.


In-house tooling and


Our team has the capacity and know-how to develop, simulate and test tools in-house, as well as to carry out repairs and regular maintenance of the tools professionally and efficiently. This ensures a high level of delivery readiness with the best quality .


Assembly of components and system solutions

Our range of services includes the assembly and customization of plastic products, where we manufacture complete assemblies and system solutions. Additionally, we manage the procurement of purchased parts, such as metal components, which we combine with injection-molded parts produced in-house to create system solutions.

In our assembly departments, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including ultrasonic, vibration, and heat element welding processes, as well as adhesive bonding. We also offer finishing processes such as printing, chrome plating, and laser engraving. Since 2017, we have operated our own pad printing machine, enabling us to print logos or functional features on plastic parts.

Prove instead of proclaim.

Unser prozessorientiertes Qualitätsmanagementsystem umfasst:
  • Controlled, reproducible processes

  • Appropriate documentation

  • Economical, customized processes

  • Continuous improvement

  • Quality management with high standards

Quality management

Actually, this should be taken for granted, but it is still far from being a standard, especially in the global market. We guarantee a high level of reproducibility in the highest quality and are certified to ISO EN 9001:2015 and ISO EN 13485:2016 . With the latest quality testing equipment and an intelligent system for recording operating data, we guarantee safety and quality. The complete documentation enables consistently high quality and at the same time serves to optimize processes.

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Delivery and warehouse logistics

We optimize your production processes with customized logistics support for packaging, storage, and transportation, focusing on your specific requirements. Our flexible deliveries adapt precisely to your production schedule, reducing storage costs and ensuring reliable availability. Through intelligent logistics solutions, we provide maximum efficiency, such as barcode labels for quick receipt of goods and specially tailored packaging for your production line.

Our partners

In a wide spectrum of industries, we take pride in being part of a community that demands and promotes the highest performance and quality.


Prototyping & Development
Extrusion technology
Injection molding technology
Tooling & Maintenance


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