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We are all about transparency.

Rethinking plastic solutions for over 75 years.

Start the Revolution

At the heart of our mission is humanity – because no machine in the world can feel passion or inspire others with it. Our goal is to disrupt the industry and discover groundbreaking ideas that benefit everyone's well-being. We set high standards by intelligently leveraging state-of-the-art technologies in our services, production, as well as environmental and climate protection efforts.

We believe that our products should make a difference – whether through their exceptional utility, innovation, or sustainability. We aim not only to inspire our employees but also to delight our customers. Our commitment is to enhance our customers' lives by creating sophisticated products that make life easier and more convenient.


We produce long-lasting products and not disposable items.

Sustainable plastics

Whenever possible, we use sustainable plastics.

Solar system

Our PV system provides us with affordable, green electricity from our own roof.


We promote contemporary mobility and offer in-house charging stations.

Process optimization

We are constantly refining our processes to conserve resources.

Ecological advice

We show you environmentally friendly options in plastics processing.

Acting responsibly

We aim to be leaders in ecological sustainability. There are already many achievements we are proud of today.


Quality through certification

Our certifications aim to meet international standards for quality documentation. As our customer, you can be confident that we speak the same language and consistently meet the agreed-upon specifications, series after series.

We use the increasing demands to continuously improve, keeping pace with dynamic developments.

Our story


Company formation

On April 25, 1945, NOVOPLAST GmbH was founded in Breitenbach. The three founders, Leo Felix (left), Alfred Borer, and Paul Henzi, were joined by another partner, André Fischer.

Rapid growth necessitated continuous expansion of production space. By 1947, the company employed 31 staff members. In April 1947, NOVOPLAST relocated to Wallbach (AG).



The industrialization of plastic technology led to continuously new processes and products. Soon, NOVOPLAST began manufacturing PVC water pipes and various products for electricians, such as PVC cable clips. In the sport of bowling, wood was also replaced by plastic. Thus, plastic bowling pins and wide-neck bottles were produced.


Technology and Automation

The company continued to expand and inaugurated two new modern production halls. The machinery included a small and a large extrusion department. Modern mixing systems were used for material preparation, and the granules were stored in silos for later processing.


Novoplast Hungary

The markets were changing rapidly. With ongoing globalization, competition intensified. Novoplast established a production facility in Iharosbereny, Hungary.

In addition to continuous automation in extrusion in Wallbach, single and two-component injection molding was advanced at locations in Hungary and Switzerland to ensure competitiveness.


Novoplast new building

The company invested around nine million Swiss francs in the complete reconstruction or rather new construction of the operating buildings in Wallbach. The architecture was designed for optimal material flow in production and for open and direct communication in the offices. The original Isler dome roof with its column-free spaces also contributes acoustically to a friendly atmosphere.


In the age of digitalization

NOVOPLAST uses advanced communication and learning methods to stay resilient in a changing economy. We prioritize flexibility and speed, supported by our adaptable team and effective Lean Management practices, ensuring long-term success.

The NOVOPLAST AG team excels with state-of-the-art communication tools. We handle complex tasks efficiently in meetings, always prioritizing customer needs.

PATCHBOX GmbH, Hernalser Gürtel 1 / 12, AT-1170 Vienna, Austria

Thanks to NOVOPLAST AG, we've been able to continuously adapt our injection molding products to meet the latest requirements over the years. The efficient collaboration with Novoplast has garnered positive feedback from our customers. Communication and project execution are professional, fast, and transparent. Even when deadlines are tight, colleagues always remain friendly.

Sauter AG, Im Surinam 55, CH-4016 Basel

We approached NOVOPLAST AG with complex requirements and a tight project schedule. The team immediately understood our needs and delivered an excellent solution right on time for our deadline.

SANOXX AG, Hammerstrasse 49, CH-4410 Liestal

What our customers say



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